Summer Wedding Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a summer cocktail!

When you are planning the finer details of your summer wedding why not treat your guests to a refreshing cocktail – there are so many flavours and combinations to choose from.

Many brides choose to start off the celebrations with a glass of champagne, but why not go one step further and serve a fabulous champagne cocktail?

You could customise the recipe to create one that reflects your personalities, or colour co ordinate to to match your wedding theme.


Here are some classic cocktail ideas to give you some inspiration!

Pink Fizz Cocktail

This is a classic and beautiful cocktail for a summer wedding combining rose liqueur, gin, lemon juice and rose champagne.

As with all cocktails a non alcoholic “mocktail “ version can be served to your non drinking guests.

Classic Mojito

This is a classic refreshing summer cocktail, combining white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar and fresh mint.

Served over crushed ice with fresh mint leaves, your guests are bound to love this on a hot summers day!

Passion Fruit Martini

This is a perfect cocktail for celebrating with friends, the zingy flavours of passion fruit and lime juice, combined with vodka and a topping of Prosecco are sure to be a big hit with your guests!


This is the classic taste of summer, refreshing and fruity, served over ice with cucumber, strawberries, orange and mint.

Aperol Spritz

Based on a classic Italian cocktail, this is the perfect drink for a summers afternoon, a combination of sweet liqueur and white wine or fizzy Prosecco – bright orange in colour with a bitter sweet after taste.

It’s sure to be a winner!


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