Essential Summer Wedding Inspiration

Ah, the British Summertime! The season that has the power to surprise us with tepid temperatures and glorious sunshine, but also sting us with piercing rain and ghastly greys. We therefore need to be a little more strategic in our approach to Summer Weddings than our American cousins, as we may not always have nature on our side.

Here are six unique ways to bring the essence of Summertime to your wedding celebrations, regardless of what the weather does.

Green & Gold

The temptation with a Summer Wedding is to veer towards pale pastels or vibrant bright hues for your colour scheme, however without the backdrop of a glorious blue sky these can potentially fall a little flat. We recommend a simple, chic colour palate of fresh greens, whites and golds, which retain their appeal whatever the weather.

Plenty of Fruit

‘Tis the season for an abundance of delicious fruits. Make the most of this and keep your guests well-nourished with snacks such as fruit kebabs, fruit cones and fruit platters.

Outdoor Accessories

Ok, so this one may be a little weather dependent, but should the rain stay away it’s worth indulging in a few outdoor accessories/activities to mark your Summer Wedding. We love the idea of bubbles, but alter that sign to ‘not just for kids’!

Multi-coloured Confetti

If you do feel the need to ensure your day is bright on a typically British overcast day, why not prepare some multicoloured confetti for your guests to throw on the exit from your ceremony. If nothing more, it make the most fantastic photos.

Romantic & Minimalist Dresses

A Summer Wedding is the perfect opportunity to opt for a sheath or column dress and fulfil fantasies of looking like a Greek goddess.

Floral Chandeliers

Perfect for a marquee wedding, floral chandeliers are trending nationwide and talented florists build these masterpieces on a weekly basis. Featuring work again from The Potting Shed, Alderley Edge.