Creative Table Plan Ideas

table-set-recordsOnce you’ve got past the arduous (to say the least) task of deciding who sits where, creating your actual seating table plan ought to be a fun, creative and relaxing activity. But sending off your finalised plan to the printers can be another unnecessary added expense. Want to do something a little more unique but no idea where to start? Here are ten ideas to get your imagination whirling and make your seating arrangements less of a headache and more of a joy. 

Map of The World

Destination names are a popular choice for many weddings table names and the map of the world is a lovely way to draw attention to the sense of adventure and experience in your relationship. Maps of the world are available from numerous suppliers, but good old Amazon has an excellent selection of A3 and larger vintage maps or maps with bold colours and print.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors add a certain glamour to your reception area, even more so when various lights bounce off the reflection. Plus your guests can check their outfits are all in place whilst they casually look for their table. Mirrors might be expensive to purchase, but if you choose one you really love, of course you can add it to your home once the wedding day is over.table-set-mirror-map

Upcycled Objects

Pretty much anything can be turned into a table plan these days; a boat, a metal spoke wheel, a suitcase…the possibilities are endless. All you then need are a handful of wooden pegs, possibly some string and luggage tags. Be as creative and as rough around the edges as you like – this style has an effortless charm however you go about it.table-set-eclectic

Plant Pots

Choose several attractive potted plants, mount your individual table plans on a peg or wire, and pop it in the pot. Display your pots and job done! A beautiful, unique wedding table plan!

Crates of Creativity

With the ever popular barn and rustic wedding venues, wooden crates and planks are so easy to come by. Hammer small tacks in either end, tie a piece of sting across the width then attach your guests names and table names on tags with miniature wooden pegs. For a personal touch, encourage your guests to take off their name and attach it to their clothes as a name tag.

Eclectic Photo Frames

If you are lacking time to get busy with your hands, why not just buy a range of different photo frames and mount your place settings in each. Photo frames are cheap from charity shops and in bulk from IKEA. The creative part could be how you choose to display your frames, perhaps surrounded by candles, flowers, or hung on an old wooden door.table-set-plants

Antique Drawers

Perhaps a bit of a financial investment, but we love this idea and have never seen it used before. Again, choose a set that you absolutely adore and take them home at the end of the proceedings. Guests will have fun opening up each drawer and hunting for their name.table-set-drawers

Favourite Records

Another popular table name idea, lots of couples choose their favourite artists or albums to name their tables after. But how about going the extra mile and finding the records themselves and displaying them along with your table plan. This adds a personal, creative and unique touch and a bit of something ‘cool’ to your celebrations.

Mobile Table Plans

DIY mobiles can be purchased again from the likes of Amazon for a small cost, then you can go to town on what you do with them. You could opt for chic and simple and just attach your settings on hand-written cards, or get carried away with attach other small details such as photographs, flowers or items of significance to you both.

Hang it on a Tree

So simple, yet so effective. You can find manmade, bare trees for decorating from most garden centres, or if you’re into your horticulture you could invest in a beautiful bonsai or otherwise and carefully pin your settings to the branches.table-set-mobiles-trees