The Benefits of a Midweek Wedding

The Benefits of a Midweek Wedding

We have been seeing a lot more couples enquiring about midweek weddings at Capesthorne Hall.

It really is amazing how many benefits there are to choosing midweek when making your wedding plans!

The biggest advantage of a midweek wedding is usually the saving.

The wedding budget is obviously a very important part of organising your wedding and your venue can be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding cost!

There are some savings to be made by opting for a midweek wedding date.

The Venue

You may set your heart on your perfect dream wedding venue, only to find that your budget just doesn’t stretch to afford it. Opting for a midweek wedding could be the answer.

Popular wedding venues can often be booked up many years in advance and you may struggle to get a date at your dream wedding venue.

By choosing midweek you may find that your chosen venue has some dates available for you.


The Suppliers

Also don’t forget about other suppliers for the wedding.

Many suppliers may offer a discount for midweek.

Putting cost aside; suppliers can get super booked up for the high-season and weekend weddings.

Therefore, a midweek wedding gives you a better chance of your favoured suppliers having availability for you big day, making your planning easier and stress free!

So, midweek really is something to think about.

The Date

Choose a date that has a special meaning for you both.

When choosing from a list of Saturdays you are restricted to just 52 days.

By opening up to the idea of a midweek wedding you can choose a special date that means something special to both of you.

It could be the day you met, your engagement or perhaps you have a family tradition of marrying on a certain date.

Added Extras

Saving on venue and suppliers for your wedding can mean that you may have some of your budget left over for your entertainment, you may choose to have a live band for example, or how about some fireworks!


Your Guests

Save your guests money on accommodation and travel

It’s not only wedding venues and suppliers that can be more affordable midweek.

Hotels and taxis/trains etc also generally have cheaper rates during the week, plus accommodation is more likely to be available at this time.


A big question is; will my guests come to a weekday wedding?

You will find that friends and family are more than happy to book some time off work for your big day.

It might be worth checking with any friends or family who work in education. It can sometimes be difficult for them to book days off during term time.

If you do have guests in the teaching profession, then it’s worth looking into weekdays during school holidays.



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