Top Tips To Help You Downsize Your Wedding Guest List

Top Tips To Help You Downsize Your Wedding Guest List


Creating your guest list can be a very daunting task, if you are able to invite everyone that’s wonderful.

However, that’s not always the case and it can be very difficult to decide who to leave out.

Once you start to consider your extended family and friends, the list can very quickly get out of control.

We have put together our top tips and advice to help keep your guest list manageable and within your wedding budget.


First Set Your Wedding Budget

Your budget will dictate the maximum number of guests you can invite, deciding on this is the first important part of your guest list plans.


Choose Your Must Have Guests

Start by listing everyone you simply must have at your wedding.

You may wish to highlight their names in a different colour so that you don’t accidentally remove them later on.


Limit Your Parents Guest Lists

Limiting the number of people your parents invite is a good way to keep your list manageable.

The best way to do this is to give your parents a set number of people they can invite.

Make sure that you send out these invitations yourself to ensure they are staying within the limits.

Work  Colleagues

Unless you are close with your colleagues, you don’t need to invite them to your wedding.

Remember that if you do have close friends at work you are not inviting them as colleagues, you’re inviting them as friends.

Rethink the Plus Ones

It’s very common to invite plus ones,  but remember this is going to mean a longer guest list. A good rule to follow here is that if your friend has a serious partner, you should invite them both to your wedding with both their full names on the invitation.


Consider an Adults Only Wedding

This can be a very difficult decision. If your friends and family don’t have many children this may not be an issue, but if you notice that the number of children is adding up you may wish to reconsider whether to invite them.


Remember It’s Your Day

It can be hard to keep your resolve when it comes to extended family and friends that you normally have no contact with.

Staying strong in the decision-making will ensure  that  on the day itself , you are surrounded by all the people you both love and care about .



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