Reasons to Wear Tulle

It’s probably safe to say that pretty much every Bride has experienced a shudder of fear at the mention of the ‘meringue’ tulle dress. The infamous 80’s bridal trend has cursed the reputation of big, full skirts, that today’s Brides are so haunted with ‘meringue’ nightmares that they daren’t even go near a layered skirt.

We are here to usher back in the reign of the tulle and offer you five reasons why you should consider joining us…

Ballerina Dreams

Were you a little girl who had multiple tutus in their dressing up box? Who was desperate to grow tall enough to try on your mother’s ball gown so that you could parade around, holding up the over-sized skirt pretending to be Cinderella? Tulle skirts are what dreams are made of and your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to make it a reality.

No Creases

On a purely practical note, tulle does not crease, therefore no need to worry about sitting like an elegant lady all day for fear of crumpling your pristine dress. You can prance around, trip on your train, plonk yourself anywhere and not a layer will be knocked out of place.

Ornate Tops

Although tulle skirts are a feature in themselves, they leave an opportunity for an accompaniment of ornate, embroidered, beaded, appliquéd tops. Backless tops, strapless tops, lace long sleeves, sparkly cami’s – you name it. There are no boundaries.

The Pantone Trend

We wrote recently about the coloured bridal wear trend and it works so perfectly on a tulle design. Referring back to point number 1, combine a ballerina skirt with pink and you have a double whammy of whimsical, little girl dreams coming true!


We touched upon this in point number 3, tulle isn’t just versatile within itself, but also with what you choose to assemble next to it. Hair, make-up, shoes, jewellery – none of these know any bounds next to tulle. Go for a stylish and pristine ‘up do’ or tumbling, casual, bohemian locks, both work perfectly with this style.

Go on – allay the ghosts of 80’s wedding dress disasters and try tulle for yourself…