Unique Flowers for your Bouquet

Bored of the same arrangements of roses, gypsophila and peonies?

Are you looking for some stand-out florals for your bridal bouquet that are memorable and unique? Well look no further.

Here are our top 5 discoveries of quirky alternatives to the traditional bridal flowers…


Originating from South Africa, ‘Protea’ is the botanical English name for these exotic wonders. Spiky and striking they certainly are, but they also come in pink and berry hues that soften their appearance.


We know what you’re thinking. Cabbage? In a wedding?! However the purple kale flower has been getting used by top florists all over the world for the last couple of years and is causing quite a stir. Its leaves are pretty and inoffensive and it’s green and violet colours blend perfectly with other foliage.

Pine Cones

These are a no-brainer for a winter bouquet, however they don’t just work in stiff, circular arrangements, but wild, big bouquets as well. Why not get your florist to include some twigs and autumn leaves to make a stunning seasonal bouquet.


What’s not to love about the cotton plant? it looks like candy floss, soft, supple, light, fluffy and blends perfectly with literally any other flower.


You may have seen large succulent arrangements for wedding cakes, but they have made their way into the bride’s bouquet as well, with a magnificent outcome. Succulent bouquets are for the strong bride though, as they aren’t the lightest of all flowers. They give a pop to the arrangement, like the protea, but have a more powerful consistency and require a careful selection of accompaniments to compliment it. The Flower House have some great succulent creations www.theflowerhousecheshire.co.uk