Upgrade Your Wedding

Here’s how you can upgrade your wedding. . .

Weddings in 2020 are very different from weddings in 2019. They’re smaller for one thing, with the number of guests allowed now reduced to fifteen people. And every wedding is an act of defiance that love will always win.

They are also a little cheaper. The reduced guest list means you’re making savings that you can invest elsewhere, making your wedding an incredible day.

Your wedding venue is usually the most significant expense. With reduced guest numbers, you can look at statement venues. Personally, I like this idea. You’re already making concessions to the wedding of your dreams because of our current situation, so you shouldn’t hold back on getting your dream venue.

Another high expense for a wedding is the dress, so this is another area where you can look at investing in. You might have a specific designer you like who is out of your price range. Now is the time to treat yourself to that dress.

Last week, we looked at live-streaming your wedding to those friends and family who couldn’t be there on the day. This is a fantastically inclusive addition to your day because your nearest and dearest can see all the important moments of your wedding despite the physical distance between you.

Increasing the treats served is also another way you can invest your leftover budget in making a day to remember. Rather than using the house wines, you can provide your venue with a list of your guests’ favourites for an extra special moment. Or have one of the luxury champagnes.

The same principle can be applied to your breakfast food and your favours. You’re not adding anything new, you’re just going bigger.

For the ultimate in luxury, and wow factor, then a private fireworks display is just the thing to finish your day. The third-party suppliers aren’t included in the fifteen people allowed at your wedding (at the time of writing anyway). This means you can have some form of entertaining to finish your day memorably without compromising your guest list.


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