Reasons To Wear Lace

lace1In our modern era of weddings there is a bible full of materials, styles, colours and textures applied to the art of bridal gown design. Beading, appliqué, silk, satin, sculpted silhouettes, even feathers and tapestry. But if you trail through photographs of brides from the 1800’s to 1970’s all you find is lace, lace, lace. Lace veils, lace trains, lace layers, all of which are making a comeback with many vintage wedding dress designers but even high end designers such as Alice Temperley and Ellie Saab. We wanted to take a moment of appreciation for the bygone era of lace and give you some solid reasons to tempt you into considering it for your bridal gown masterpiece and wedding day at large.

Timeless Romance

Which woman doesn’t long to feel like a fairytale princess on her wedding day? Lace echoes forth glistening images of princess brides, with Rapunzel-like locks, floating down the aisle toward their princess. Ideal for a Castle wedding venue or Stately Home wedding venue.  Lace isn’t just romantic, but sensual and sexy too.lace-4

Something Borrowed

Most women of the current generation are bound to have a mother, grandmother or great aunt who owns some vintage lace garments, perfect to fulfil the role of your ‘something borrowed’. Be it their veil, a handkerchief or the dress itself, borrowed lace items are a whole other level of beauty and significance for your wedding day.

The Great Unveil

Of course there are a thousand veils to choose from out their, but a lace veil is something really quite extraordinary. Lace patterns do a great job of concealing the bride, meaning you get that extra ‘WOW’ factor when it is lifted.


Chantilly lace is a particular form of handmade bobbin lace named after the city of Chantilly, in France. It is known for its fine, outlined pattern and incredible detail. A notable feature about Chantilly lace is the effect of light and shadow in the flower patterns. It’s a true artists fabric that is difficult to beat.lace-2

Endless Layers

The beauty of lace is you can wear layer upon layer, through skirts, sleeves, capes, veils, and its never really too much. In fact, the more layers, the more dramatic and stunning the impact.

Whether you take your inspiration from The Duchess of Cambridge’s lace Alexander McQueen wedding dress, Grace Kelly, numerous fictional characters, or your great-grandmother on her wedding day in the early 20th century, there aren’t just 5 but thousands of reasons to go all out with lace on your wedding day.lace-3