Table Decor Inspiration

With the wedding industry booming more than ever, it has become increasingly difficult for couples to dream up unique ways to dress their wedding breakfast. The tradition of the wedding breakfast is multifaceted; it is a way of blessing the union that has just occurred, celebrating it, thanking those involved, but nowadays also a form of entertainment. How the wedding breakfast tables are dressed is almost like setting the staging area for your guests to get to know one another, get to know more about the couple and is imperative in setting the tone for the day.

Rather than this important feature of a wedding becoming another headache, here are 5 ways to ensure your tables make your guests feel at home, as well as your wedding breakfast looking beautiful.


Although it may appear far simpler to let your caterers select and lay your wedding crockery as standard, these days there is an array of beautiful china on offer that can form part of your wedding package. Make sure you check with your caterers whether this is a service they provide, otherwise, interesting china can be hired from a number of helpful companies, such as Tamarayn’s Treasures in Alderley Edge.


We know what you’re thinking…why on earth would you raid your Grandma’s old linen draw for table decorations?! Think again. Doilies are multi-purposed in dressing your tables. Cutlery holders, place matts, name settings… the more inventive, the better. We love doily over doily table runners! 

Plant Pots

Not just reserved for your ‘Rustic Themed’ weddings, plant pots make an easy and effective table centre piece and can double up as wedding favours. Keep them structured and simple, lined across your tables, or varied and wild, bunched together in the centre. There are a multitude of ways to get creative with potted plants. 

Glass Bottles

This one could be a really fun project to get all your friends and family involved in – start collecting your bottles now! And the more varied, the better. Coloured glass, vintage glass, bottled glass, jam jar glass, cut glass, beer glasses – then add a wild variety of favourite flowers, and you have an epic collage that can spread across your entire venue. 

Botanical Table Runner

Last but certainly not least, this one is an impressive winner every time. Reams of foliage may appear messy, but there is something magical, indulgent and memorable about wild table runners. They don’t need to be larger than life though – just a simple trail of ivy down the centre of a table can be just as effective.

Combine ALL of the above and you really have table decor to remember!