Wedding Cake Trends

The wedding cake is one of the key areas you can make a statement at your unique wedding. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple but the cake itself has become less and less ‘traditional’.

Here are some of the most unique, current cake trends around.

The Naked Wedding Cake

The ‘naked’ wedding cake is ever increasing in its popularity as more and more gorgeous pictures of sponge cake creations emerge across social media. Donned as ‘naked’ because of its lack of icing, you can choose to embellish a simple Victoria sponge with fruits, flowers or drizzled chocolate for a slightly more dramatic effect.

The Dessert Tower Wedding Cake

This trend isn’t going anywhere fast. It is the go-to for alternative cake lovers and those who quite frankly just don’t like cake! Cheese towers, Macaron towers, cupcake towers, you name it! Don’t be limited in your choices and be creative in your tower making.

The Less-is-More Wedding Cake

Some may call it boring, but we think the white royal icing cake is a winning choice. Effortlessly chic in its spotless appearance, easily embellished with greenery or a cute cake topper, and cleverly concealing the deliciousness underneath that deceptive plain appearance.

The ‘Something Blue’ Wedding Cake

Why fret about ‘something blue’ to wear when you can kill two birds with one stone in your wedding cake design?! Be it baby blue, navy blue, royal blue or simple blue decoration, we think this trend is an absolute winner for a unique wedding.

The Shimmering Wedding Cake

Last but not least, the ever-indulgent, glorious and glamorous shimmering wedding cake. You can opt for just one tier of gold, a gentle spattering of shimmer, or go full-on glitter bomb. Remember, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Shimmering pastels, marbled effect and silver against monochrome has the serious ‘WOW’ factor.