More Unusual Wedding Colour Schemes

As the seasons are shifting and in our ever-unpredictable British climate, wedding colour schemes require a little more imagination than just one block colour. For example, a yellow themed wedding on a typically British dull and grey day may fall flat and fail to create the vibrancy you were hoping for.

 We therefore suggest keeping your colours varied and interesting. We have written previously about more eclectic colour schemes but here are a few more bold and interesting ideas to outshine the dullest of days

 Dusty Blue, Copper, Grey and Ivory

 Photographs courtesy of Pear Bear Photography, these dreamy scenes combine hues inspired by rustic, industrial and rural. These almost muddied colours are fool proof, whatever the weather.


Black, Olive Green, Gold and White

Black is of course a taboo colour for weddings, but combine it with rich greens and luxurious golds and you have a bold, bohemian vibe. Soften any starkness with infusing plenty of traditional white.


Mauve, Silver, Baby Blue and Buttercream

If you mix these shades up multiple times next to one another, you get a dreamy mosaic effect. The trick to this scheme is again to combine the ‘dirtier’ mauve and silver grey hues with clean and crisp baby blue and buttercream. If you swing too much toward the blue and cream colours, the effect is a 1980’s taffeta bomb. However, lean too heavily on the Mauve and Silver and everything becomes dull and drab. But mix these in equal measure and you have a magical and unique palette.