Alternative Wedding Dresses

As much as there are an endless number of gifted Bridal designers today, from the big names to the independent, bespoke seamstresses, for a Bride who dreams of looking really unique on her wedding day it can still be tough to find a wedding dress that isn’t like any other wedding dress.

Are you a bride who can’t imagine herself in a white, or even ivory, dress? Who, if you’re honest, detests the thought of pursuing Bridal shops? Who really wants to feel special on her wedding day, but reassured that no-one else has worn this dress before?

Well we have done a little of the leg work for you and found 10 designs from the catwalk that aren’t designed with a Bride in mind but would make a truly unique wedding dress. Take inspiration from these designers and here are a few little bits of advice in sourcing your ‘alternative’ wedding dress:

Don’t necessarily restrict yourself to white or pale colours

If you filter each internet search you do to ‘white’ dresses you may get frustrated and disappointed very quickly with what comes back. Keep your mind broad when it comes to colour and texture.

Still consider the shape of your dress

We recently did a feature on the wedding dress shapes  to look out for and what impact they give. This follows for most long dresses so it is worth using as a guide as to what will compliment you best.

Do consider high street brands

Rather than diving into a the very large sea on the internet and restricting to lesser known brand names, don’t disregard high street brands for fear that someone will have the same dress or have seen it before. It is well worth looking at formal occasion wear in large department stores such as John Lewis  who have a variety of brands such as Phase Eight, Adrianna Pappell and Coast that constantly turn around stocks of beautiful occasion wear.