How to Follow Up A Wedding Fair

In our experience, Wedding Fairs can be fairly reactionary events where both the couple, their family, their friends and suppliers flit around having a wonderful time. This then triggers a flurry of correspondence, which is not always very helpful. Here is a quick and straightforward guide on how to successfully follow up a brilliant Wedding Fair.

Create a mood board

Whilst your encounters are fresh in your memory, write them down. It can be frustrating to remember a feeling or sensation, but not what triggered it, later down the line. A mood board is a collage of pictures that represent the elements of inspiration you found relating to a specific theme. Here is one example for you, featuring suppliers at the recent Wedstival event held at Capesthorne Hall, including The Green Wedding Co. Macclesfield, Eliza Vale Bridal Accessories, Big Chief Tipi’sBooootiful Cakes and The Potting Shed Alderley Edge.

Contact suppliers immediately

Although you may have met a flock of suppliers at a Wedding Fair, they too will have met dozens of brides. Be the one that stands out and get in touch straight away to convey your enthusiasm. It makes a world of difference to a supplier when it’s clear that a bride really wants to work with them and loves their product. It also allows them plenty of time to cater to your requests.

Ask questions in bullet points

Rather than reeling off question after question, carefully pen your emails to suppliers first and try bullet pointing your queries. This may feel formal, but it helps structure your requests. Be clear in your communication to make it easier for a supplier to respond. It also helps you track and check that they have answered everything!

Measure responses by positivity and helpfulness

Understandably, the wedding industry is highly demanding but that is never an excuse for bad manners. The people you need to look out for are those who convey excitement about your special day and make a conscientious effort to be helpful. Don’t settle for anything less as this will only add to your stress.

Request 1-2-1’s ASAP

Book in your next meeting as soon as you can to ‘seal the deal’. While the enthusiasm is fresh with both parties it’s good to double check you have a meaningful and worthwhile relationship, rather than just a one-off buzz. Again, this will set the ball rolling and help both parties be clear in their expectations and confident in a successful working relationship.

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