Wedding Hair Trends

Wedding hair can become a bit of an enigma, when dresses, flowers and even accessories tend to get first port of call before the Bride’s mane gets a look in. We find that Brides can get themselves all in a tangle over whether to wear their hair up, or down…then whether to go neat and sleek, or wild and messy…straight or curly, elegant or boho, understated or statement!

We are here to make it simple for you with three current, popular styles, within which there is plenty of scope for inspiration. And the best thing? They are all fool proof, easy and fuss free!

The One Braid

Whether it be a natural braid, multiple braids intertwined into one or a fishtail braid, this style could not be easier for mid-length to long hair, nor more effective. Braids can be made tidy or deliberately tousled for equally striking effect. Finish off your braid with scattering gypsophila throughout it for the perfect angelic look.  

The Chignon

Ever timeless and elegant is the chignon, but this style has evolved with the times. No longer the go-to style for the stiff upper crust, chignons have also become more wild and untamed, whilst keeping your barnet perfectly in place. We love the low-sitting chignons topped off with a grecian headpiece. Check out Laura Donovan Bridal Accessories for stunning bespoke headpieces – 

The Half Up-Do

Last but not least, the favourite half-up half-down look. This look regales memories of being a little girl and your hair finally being long enough for your mum to tie up just half of it, then proudly add a little bow clip. This style can be super simple, by pulling a few strands away from the front of the face and pinned in place at the back, or more intricate in the form of a braided crown circling the head. Don’t be fooled into thinking this style is boring, because it is undeniably feminine and here to stay