Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

If there is one thing, we have all learned from the Covid Pandemic, it’s that nothing in the future is certain, especially when it comes to planning a big life event such as your wedding day.

Wedding insurance provides you with security and peace of mind, should anything go wrong in the run up to, or even on the wedding day itself.

When To Take Out Wedding Insurance

We would suggest investigating wedding insurance options as soon as you start paying deposits on your wedding venue and suppliers.

For most couples this is around 18 to 24 months prior to the wedding taking place.

However, you can get wedding insurance closer to the day as well, so as long as you are within a couple of months of the wedding, most insurers will provide you with cover.

How Much Will It Cost?

You will be happy to know that wedding insurance is a very nominal cost in comparison to how much you’ll be spending on the day as a whole.

The cost of a policy will depend on the level of cover you need, however reserving 1% of your wedding budget for insurance will usually be sufficient.

 What Will the Policy Cover?

-Venue cancellation or financial failure.

The cancellation of your wedding due to the venue cancelling your booking, going bust or closing due to an unexpected event such as a flood or fire that would mean they can no longer honour your wedding booking.


-Cancellation of your wedding for an unavoidable and unexpected reason.

Insurers will generally cover cancellation of your wedding if something unavoidable prevents it from going ahead. For example, if there is extreme weather that prevents 50% or more of your guests attending.


-Cancellation in the event of illness injury or death.

If you or a close member of your family becomes ill, is seriously injured, or passes away before your wedding, many insurers will cover you for cancellation of the event.


-Wedding supplier failures.

In the event that one of your wedding suppliers fail to turn up to work on your wedding day, if they should go into

administration prior to the event,  or deliver damaged goods on the day, you may be able to claim for compensation.

Most policies will cover transport, cakes, hair and makeup suppliers and florists.


-Photographer or videographer failure.

If your photographer or videographer doesn’t turn up on the day or if there is a problem processing the images or video, then you may be able to claim compensation.


-Wedding outfits.

You may be financially covered by your insurance if your wedding dress or other wedding clothes are stolen or damaged.


Each wedding insurance policy is different. So there will be various different requirements that need to be met before a claim can be made. It is always advisable to read your policy documents and any small print prior to making your purchase.


Remember that wedding insurance is totally optional and whether you feel you need it will depend on your individual circumstances .



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