Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are arguable one of the most important announcements you will ever send out within your lifetime. Aside from baby showers and birth announcements, nothing else quite tops the feeling you get from sending out the official invite to a momentous day.

Wedding invitations end up on notice boards, fridges, mantelpieces, diaries and, maybe occasionally, car glove compartments! Arriving amidst a flurry of others, not to mention other notable correspondence, is inevitable. So it’s understandable if you want yours to stand out from the masses!

How can you guarantee that your invite gets pride of place on the mantelpiece? How do you ensure that it doesn’t get lost and forgotten about? How can you make an impact so that your wedding date never leaves your invitees minds?

Here are five unusual ideas for wedding invitations to help solve this conundrum:

Newspaper Announcement

Classic yet innovative, what better way to make an announcement than in the traditional newspaper. Plus, the grandparents will love this! There are a number of digital companies that can assist with this, but we recommend independent business Garden Studio Crafts for that authentic vintage feel 

Scratch Cards

A fun and quirky way to let people know about your wedding date, scratch cards are contemporary but easy to pop in an envelope and in the post like a ‘normal’ invitation. We love the designs by Sarah Hurley on the popular unique trade website NotOnTheHighStreet 

Concert Tickets

…or festival tickets, theatre tickets, train tickets…you name it! Popularised by trendy London couples marrying in the capitol, 2016 saw a number of Tube Ticket wedding invitations and this has caught on across the board. Even better if you are an avid theatre fan or have a festival themed wedding. ‘Pure Invitations’ digital designs have a great selection to suit a number of tastes 

Miniature Vinyl

Perfect for the music lovers amongst you, double up your Save The Date/Wedding Invite as a pre-wedding favour with these retro vinyl designs. You can easily custom make the album sleeves yourself, as per this nifty tutorial by Boho Weddings UK Blog Vinyl invites are also available as magnets!

Etched Wood

Last but not at all least, if you want to stay along the lines of ‘tasteful and chic’, whilst still deliver something memorable and substantial, why not consider a wooden invitation with the wording intricately etched on. user laser carving to engrave in a wide variety of styles. Wooden invitations can be re-used as book-markers or even framed to retain the memory forever.