Dreamy Wedding Lighting

There are certain features you can incorporate into your wedding day that are guaranteed NOT to go wrong, wedding lighting is one of them. We’re not talking about daylight or standard room lighting, but fairy lights, lantern lights and candlelight. And this is one of those areas where more is MORE, as evidence proves time and time over.

Unsure about where to start in making your Wedding Light Fantastic? Here are several fool-proof lighting scenarios to make your wedding day utterly dreamy:

DIY Lighting

Start collecting empty jam jars and glass water bottles NOW, as there are endless ways to utilise these within your spectacular lighting plan.

Curtains of Lights

Why settle for a string of fairy lights when you can have a curtain of them?! Fairy light curtains work as a wall feature, draped across the ceiling or as a ceremony back drop, each as impressive as the other.

All the Greenery

If your wedding venue is surrounded by any kind of shrubbery, don’t let it go unadorned with fairy lights. In addition, lighting pathways with tea lights and/or lanterns is not just practically helpful but creates a magical outdoors effect.

The Light Bulb Effect

Popular in industrial event spaces, such as warehouses and barns, domestic light bulbs on a string are trending on a large scale. They have a globular, floating orb effect, floating effortlessly above your guests.

Candles Everywhere

Check with your wedding venue on their health and safety and fire regulations before you start purchasing hundreds of tealights and tapered candles, but otherwise don’t be shy with your candle decorations. Why settle for one in candle on each table when you can group an array of them at every corner – on staircases, at doorways, shelves and mantelpieces.


Paper lanterns are surprisingly lenient on the budget yet wonderfully effective, be it white or coloured. Your mode of lighting depicts the size and aesthetic of the overall impact. For example, fairy lights feels like thousands of stars, light bulbs like fire-flies, lanterns like moons, candles like…well candles! But you get the idea!

Statement Signage

Another popular trend within the wedding industry right now is large scale light installations, in the form of words or initials or simple ampersands. Rather than buying into this trend alone, make sure you accompany your signage with all of the above to keep the theme continuous throughout your venue.