Alternative Wedding Make Up

When it comes to wedding makeup there tend to be two extreme camps that Brides fall in to. The Natural Look or The Dramatic Look. You would like to look natural and effortlessly glowing, but not wiped out. You would like to make a statement, but not like a drag queen. Red lip, nude lip, natural eye, lined eye…and don’t even get us started on the nails!

We think we have come up with an answer that might cleverly merge the two realms of naturalism and statement making. Here are some alternative pieces of inspiration for your wedding day makeup.


It’s all in the shimmer and sparkle. You can choose how far to go with this and there is a shade for every complexion. Be it a subtle glide of pastel pink over the lid, or an arrangement of glitter spread onto the cheekbones, these shimmery, other-worldly looks are so worth a try for your big day.


Forget about bold, daring, red lips and head straight for the gloss section of the make-up counter. It’s a little more than nude, but certainly lower maintenance than having to re-apply the perfect red lip all day. A gentle touch of the right gloss will make your lips look utterly delectable without you needing to worry about re-application every ten minutes.


To tie up your ethereal aesthetic, why not try some of these creative but understated nail designs. It’s all about the combination of nude and shimmer, be it with a golden tip or a strip of glitter. Barely noticeable but at the same time a stroke of something a little unique within your bridal ensemble.