Wedding Day Photos (featuring Capesthorne Hall)

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, generally you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the documentation of your big day is in safe hands. However, there are a few key moments that you may want to consider and mention to your photographer. Group photos, staged photos with family members, the ceremony and speeches are a given, but here are 5 Must Have Wedding Day Photos to add to your memoirs.

Solo Shot

Of course you will want many photographs of you both together, and it’s likely that your photographer will capture moments of you individually prior to your ceremony, but it’s worth having some individual shots taken throughout the day, capturing your own unique character and sense of joy.

Long Distance Shot

This tends to be a popular technique of wedding photographers and cleverly captures the whole scene of your big day. Special photographs aren’t just about the close ups, smiles, tears and kisses, but being able to see the bigger picture, so to speak.

Confetti Shot

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many couples miss this moment from their planning. It’s also very tricky to capture a great confetti moment. Make sure you highlight this with your photographer, plan where it will take place and ensure your guests are prepared and laden with confetti to shower you with.

Intimate Moments

The moments themselves are more important than the photographs and surprisingly something many couples don’t have time for on their wedding day. It’s worth, again, planning this into your schedule, even just 10 to 15 minutes where you have an opportunity to walk in the gardens of your venue or escape to a separate part of the building. Ask your photographer to be discreet and allow you some space whilst being allowed to keep photographing.


When you have put months, even years, of preparation into all the finer details of your wedding, it’s crucial that these are remembered! Don’t expect your photographer to know all the trouble you have gone to, draw their attention to the finer details you would like capturing.

Photography by CG Weddings, ARJ, Steven Rooney, Melia Melia, David and Beverley Foster, Tobiah Tayo Photography