Quirky Bridal Winter Warmers

Your wedding is imminent and you’re looking out of the window at the frost, sleet and/or snow and thinking, “I am going to freeze to death I my strapless dress!” – right?

We have 5 innovative winter warmers to keep you wrapped up at your wedding through the biting weather and they don’t have to break the bank.


Simple! Either a colourful addition or a chic and subtle cashmere that blends with your dress, pretty much any style of cardigan will work with your bridal look.

Faux Fur Wrap

A more popular choice of wrap for Brides, however faux fur wraps, shawls and capes come in a variety of textures, colours and sizes these days. Opt for a classic, timeless Hollywood-sequel wrap, or a more contemporary coloured cape.


Believe it or not, seamstresses have made a trend of making shawls specifically for Brides and they are to die for. See ever-faithful Etsy for idea. We love Handmade Laremi’s knitted shawls with ribbon ties

Leather Jacket

You don’t need to be all rock n roll to pull this one off. Leather jackets are surprisingly chic as well as edgy. If you’re concerned about causing too much of a stir why not opt for neutral or tan leather instead of black and dress all your maids in them too!


Last but not least, the lesser warm of the options, but totally show-stopping none the less, the sparkly jacket! It gives you a little cover whilst dazzling your guests and helping you to really stand out. Sequin jackets are easy to come by on the high street and range from a reasonable £30 to a more life-time investment of £££’s.