2017 Best Wedding Trends

It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-growing whirl of trends within the wedding world. Even when you sub-categorise, such as hair, attire, place settings, florals etc. the pressure to be ‘en vogue’ can be overwhelming for a couple planning the most important day of their lives.

Here at Capesthorne, we feel it’s important to be yourself and have confidence in your own preferences. But if you are anxious about being ‘on trend’, we’ve made it a little easier for you by picking out the Top 5 wedding trends of this year for you to consider (or dismiss).

Live Musicians

This may come as a given for many, but by ‘live’ music we mean the very best of instrumentalists, appearing at every stage of your day. Of course Harpists and String Quartets also create a special vibe, but what about flamenco guitar, a mariachi band, a jazz quartet, or a swing band for the evening? Ditch the DJ and invest in professional musicians.

DIY Drinks Stations

This one is so popular right now and not just at weddings. The ‘help yourselves’ ethos gives a sense of generosity and also creates a relaxed vibe to your event. It also saves people queuing at the bar all day.

Dusty Rose & Gold

Amongst the multitude of colour schemes (and a number of unique ones, some of which we have featured here and here) there is one that stands out. Dusty rose and gold is delicious, elegant, aesthetically glorious, dreamlike and fits all year round.

Day After Brunch

This might make your Grandma grimace with disapproval, but keeping the party going the day after has actually proved to be a wonderful way to ensure your guests feel valued. It also means that you get around to talking to everyone and is the perfect hangover cure! Spreading out the festivities actually costs not much more than the wedding day itself and ties together the proceedings perfectly. people are also more likely to behave themselves if they know they have to face everyone again the next day!

Greenery Only

 Top of the bill is ‘greenery only’ decoration. Unheard of to ditch the flowers, we know, but this trend is so brilliant in its simplicity. Your wedding will look amazing, it saves you money and it will smell amazing, especially if you opt for plenty of eucalyptus.