2018 Bridesmaid Trends

If you’re looking for bridesmaid dress inspiration, then look no further. Here are some of the top 2018 Bridesmaid trends for Spring.


Gone are the days when your girl gang need to be in the same dresses. Women aren’t all the same shape, height, or colouring, and allowing your bridesmaids flexibility in what they wear will guarantee more genuine, flattering pictures.

Cold Shoulder

This is perfect for the coming warmer months. Bare shoulders are elegant, classic, and fresh.


A popular trend are floral designs. Whether a print, lace overlay or sequins, floral bridesmaids’ dresses are perfect for the ultimate boho wedding. 

Beaded or Sequins

If, like me, when someone says sequins you think of you grandma’s party top, now is the time to look again. Sequinned or beaded bridesmaids’ dresses are modern, designer and add extra sparkle to your day.


The Pantone Color of 2018 is Ultra Violet so expect wedding shops to be an extravaganza of purple. Choosing purple will guarantee your wedding is on trend, and whether you go with bold ultra violet or shades and blends, your bridesmaids will wow your guests.

The great thing about these trends is that you can combine them. You can take your favourite features and mix them together for your own unique look.