5 Reasons to Have Wedding Hydrangeas

Ah the Hydrangea. . .  not the most loved of the floral family, yet pops up everywhere and has some wonderful possibilities. With them high in season currently – you’ll see them adorning the gardens and doorways of many a suburban house – we thought we would indulge in a little hydrangea appreciation and offer you 5 things to love about Wedding Hydrangeas.

Less is More

Hydrangeas are a full flower that come in a multitude of sizes, but generally are larger than your average rose or peony. This means you need fewer of them, which also means figuratively the cost is lighter on your purse. Because they are so buxom, not a great deal needs to accompany them in arrangements. They work perfectly just on their own.

Long Lasting

Not only do hydrangeas have longevity in their life span but they also dry beautifully. If you are a sentimental sort and want to keep your florals as a token of your special day, this is the flower for you.

Creative Possibilities

Again, not often thought of as a flower with possibilities, but don’t be limited in your ideas on how to incorporate hydrangeas into your wedding. Archways, cupcakes, wreaths, table runners, mantelpiece masterpieces…you name it, the hydrangea can do it!


One attractive factor for the couple looking to have a wedding that doesn’t mirror everything on Pinterest, or in the latest popular blogs, is that hydrangeas are not commonly used at weddings. We can’t see why this is, so be trend setters and the first to rock your wedding full of hydrangea love.

Colour Variations

Last but definitely not least, the colour varieties in hydrangeas are to die for. Coloured hydrangeas can bloom with an ombré effect impossible to replicate in anything man made. Pinks, blues, purples, greens, whites, all the hues are utterly dreamy and magical.