A Guide To Inviting Or Excluding Children From Your Wedding

A Guide To Inviting Or Excluding Children From Your Wedding

Having children at your wedding can be wonderful, they can be part of those precious moments and special memories that you and your guests will always remember.

Having said that, we all know that children can be unpredictable, and for some couples the thought of a tantrum during a crucial moment of the wedding ceremony is something they would rather not risk.

If You Are Including Children:

You could choose to just have your bridesmaids/ flower girls and pageboys, and perhaps the children of your close family at the wedding.

You’re not obliged to invite every single child of every guest on the day.


When wording your invitations, make it clear the children are included, for example:

Mr and Mrs Jones, Tom and Charlotte.

This means there will be no confusion.

For the wedding reception, you have the option of sitting the children on the same table along with their parents, or depending on their ages, you may decide to seat the children all together on their own table.

Check with the parents in advance as to what food the children will eat – there’s no point in ordering a full meal if all they will eat is a sandwich and some yoghurt.

Provide some activities for them on their place setting such as crayons and colouring books.

If you have any nursing mothers attending, check with your venue if they have a quiet room/ area available.


If You Are Not Including Children:

Carefully word your invitations, something along the lines of. . .

‘Unfortunately children are not invited’

This makes your position clear, even so be prepared in case some guests decide not to attend if their children are not included.

Send out your invitations in plenty of time, this allows your guests to organise childcare or babysitters well in advance.


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