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There are certain words for weather that I’m sure only we Brits understand. Muggy is one of them. As I’m writing this blog, it’s muggy right now and I’m hiding inside because it’s cooler here than outside. It’s also a really hard weather to describe if someone asks you about it. It’s a bit close, a bit hard to breathe, warm without being sunny but not quite hot, quite often it rains as well. See what I mean? It’s a word we know but not one that’s easy to describe.

Muggy weather can catch us out in other ways. The lack of sun can catch us off-guard, dehydration, light-headedness, even fainting is a possibility and that’s the last thing you want when you’re supposed to be enjoying your wedding day.


It may be grey and overcast outside but don’t let that fool you. The sun is still there. Sunscreen is an essential bit of kit or you could wake up the next morning a brilliant red colour and very sore. This goes double for kids if you have any.

A real easy fix is to have a large bowl filled with little bottles of sunscreen for your guests to help themselves to.


On top of sunscreen, making sure there is plenty of available shade will give people an escape from the weather. Capesthorne Hall is a great Cheshire wedding venue, with loads of space outside, so there is plenty of room for you to have gazebos which means people don’t have to hide inside.

But not everyone will want to sit under a gazebo. The air can get a bit warm in what is essentially a massive a tent, so parasols are a brilliant alternative. Parasols also allow people to move around.


The worst thing about muggy weather is the closeness. You can almost suffocate wanting some fresh air. While you won’t know the weather will be muggy until the day, you can ask a member of your wedding party to be responsible for sourcing fans to keep the air moving.


You’ve organised the bubbly, the wine and the spirits to make sure you’ve catered for everyone’s tastes, but don’t forget the water. Dehydration is a very real risk when the weather’s like this and people won’t always think to get themselves a non-alcoholic drink if it isn’t right in front of them. Having some drink dispensers in highly visible locations will prompt people to hydrate more often.

Water and sunscreen for the hot days and shelter if it rains. While these ideas will help you with muggy weather, they will serve you well for whatever the weather throws at you on your wedding day.

Capesthorne Hall has lots of options for dry and wet weather so you’re catered for come rain or shine – Capesthorne Hall

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