An Oasis for Nature

When you’re considering Capesthorne Hall as your wedding venue there are certain things you’ll check before making your final decision. Location, space, appearance, cost, food, wildlife.Wildlife?

Yes. On top of being a stunning building in a beautiful location, Capesthorne Hall is home to a wide variety of wildlife. One afternoon, I took a break from looking at the traditional aspects of weddings to see for myself just what an oasis Capesthorne Hall is for nature.When you think of the hall and animals, this is probably what you think of; the herd of sheep that graze the land. Once you’re passed those, there is so much more.

The Lakeside Terrace

When you’re viewing the hall, make sure you visit the Lakeside Terrace. The magnificent gardens are host to lots of insects. Even though it was windy, the flowers were full of bees and butterflies. It was like a sanctuary for those endangered insects that are so vital to nature.

The Lake

And you can’t miss the lake. It’s home to lots of different types of wildlife. There are the obvious swans, who have cygnets with them, and there are lots of fish in the lake; carp, perch, tench, bream, roach and a pike of legendary size!

There are coots, which are small black birds with a white crest on their head, as well as the usual types of water fowl you’ll find on open bodies of water. There are also greylag geese and dragonflies.

The Lakeside Terrace is such a peaceful haven for water fowl, fish and insects but did you know there is also a more unusual resident?

There is a red-eared terrapin in the lake. No one knows how it came to be here. One morning it was just there. So, keep your eyes peeled!

One thing you can’t miss regardless of where you go on the grounds are all the birds and butterflies. Unfortunately, the birds were too fast for my camera. I am told by those who know that there are buzzards, rooks, and owls. If you want a real treat, look out for the kingfisher which is usually found around the edge of the lower lake.

Towards the back of the house is this brilliant location. On the day I was there, it was sheltered from the winds, so the butterflies were out. I couldn’t get close enough to the Large White butterflies. I’m sure they knew I was trying to take pictures and were flying away on purpose! I could hear the buzzards at the Hall talking to each other, but they too were hiding from me.

So you see, when you book Capesthorne Hall as your wedding venue you’ll be in good company with the wildlife.