Autumn Flowers

Every year I go to the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park. They championed British flowers this year. There was also a wonderful British Flower Bus which took my breath away.

Firstly, I hadn’t realised that some of these flowers were British. Secondly, the bus was also full of bees and butterflies moving from flower to flower. It was the highlight of my day. It got me thinking about seasonal British flowers for your bouquet. And because anyone getting married in the summer should have organised their flowers by now, this one is for you autumn brides.


Sunflowers are amazing, they bring the spirit of summer into the autumn. Big, bold, and full of life, they symbolise long life and loyalty between two people and positivity. Sunflowers are such a statement, you won’t need any other flowers.


Chrysanthemums have many meanings regarding relationships, whether romantic or platonic. For a wedding bouquet, they represent lasting friendship, good spirits, and loyalty and devotion. These are fantastic for ball bouquets.


These are perfect flowers for your bouquet. They will give it height and in the language of flowers, they mean honour, faithfulness and never giving up. The right mindset for when you enter into a marriage.


I love dahlias, they remind me of those marshmallow biscuits covered in coconut shavings. The dahlia walk at Biddulph Grange is so bright and colourful it’s worth the trip on its own. Another flower perfect for a ball bouquet. They represent grace under pressure, commitment to another person and standing out from the crowd.

Lily Longiflorum and Oriental

Lilies are popular flowers for weddings. They come in a variety of colours, each one symbolising something different. White lilies symbolise purity, while pink lilies symbolise ambition and bright red ones represent passion. All of them are great for bouquets.


These flowers get their names because they look like dragon snouts. In the language of flowers, it symbolises graciousness. These delicate flowers will give your bouquet height and a bohemian, cottage garden feel.

Some people but a lot of emphasis on the meaning of flowers but we attach meaning to flowers through our own experiences. When my grandma died, my dad bought a rose bush to commemorate her memory. It was in bloom when my sister got married so she took one and worked it into her bouquet herself. Create your own flower language based on what they mean to you.