Autumn Mocktails

Last week, we looked at autumn cocktails to serve at your wedding, drinks that encapsulate autumn in a glass and keep you warm.  Not everyone drinks alcohol though and you’ll want something for everyone, so here are some autumn mocktails as an alternative.

Asian Pear Sparkler

It’s autumn which means there are pears everywhere. This Asian Pear Sparkler is a crisp drink of autumn, subtly flavoured with rosemary, ginger and nutmeg in the pear syrup.

Pour pear syrup over tall glasses filled with ice and then add soda water to the required taste. Simple and easy to make afterwards when you reminisce on your big day.

Pumpkin and Fruit Smoothie

Is there anything more autumnal than pumpkins? This pumpkin smoothie is a taste of autumn in a glass and perfect for any children you might have at your wedding.

With two ripe bananas, one orange and half a cup of pureed pumpkin it is full of vitamins. The additional  half cup of vanilla yoghurt, as well as half a cup of milk, bring a little sweetness without too much sugar.Apple Harvest Punch

The only thing more autumnal than pumpkins are apples and this apple punch is perfect for a celebration as it uses sparkling soda in place of champagne.

Combine 32 oz of apple juice, 500ml of frozen berry juice, 1 cup of pulp-free apple juice then add 1 litre of sparkling soda and serve.

Pomegranate Tonics

Pomegranate is another excellent autumn flavour and the red colour reflects the season. It is also an effortless drink and is a perfect substitute for gin and tonic.

Mix half a cup of pomegranate syrup with 2 tbs of honey and whisk well. Pour over tall glasses filled with ice and top up with tonic.

Hot Apple Pie Punch

And to finish off, this hot drink is a winner. While there is no alcohol in this recipe, you can add rum as an optional extra meaning you can serve your guests the same drink more or less. And it is warm, so it’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Heat 2 litres of apple juice with 1.5 tsp ground cinnamon, a pinch of ground cloves, ½ a whole grated nutmeg and 2 tsp of vanilla extra in a pan. When it is warm enough, stir in 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream. This will make the drink rich and creamy.


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