Balloon Installations

For a really eye-catching display at your wedding, look at balloon installations. They are beautiful and creative, multiple balloons can be used to create any overall shape and you can blend colours to match your theme. There’s lots of inspiration to dress our Cheshire venue to give you the wedding of your dreams.

This installation uses balloons of different sizes and shapes to create a circle around writing. The addition of flowers and foliage draws the eye and you can use your own flowers to tie everything together.

And circles aren’t your only option. This heart-shaped installation is ideal for a romantic wedding theme and for photographs.

Using a similar idea, this is a double photo frame made from balloons. There is a mix of balloon shapes and it uses solid, shiny letters for the Mr and Mrs.

This is such a beautiful idea, combining flowers and balloons to decorate your seating planning. It’s so romantic and bold, it will wow your guests as soon as they arrive at your venue.

Because a balloon installation is so attention grabbing, you can use one to emphasize elements of your wedding, such as your dessert table for a breathtaking display.

Balloon installations are also brilliant for rustic style weddings. With the right accessories, like the wooden frame, and the flowers and foliage woven into the balloons, you can make this arrangement work for any style of wedding.

And balloons come in all sizes. You don’t have to have a huge installation that takes over your venue. You could have smaller ones like this to decorate your table for a dreamy affect.

At Capesthorne Hall, we have a number of fireplaces that you can utilise for this display in the Lakeside, the Queen Anne Room and the Drawing Room for a magical arrangement.

And finally, there is this magical display with balloons going up a staircase. You can use our high ceilings to place the balloons at different heights for maximum impact.