Bespoke Wedding Rings

When it comes to rings, whether engagement rings or wedding bands, sometimes original is best. Maybe you have an idea of your dream ring, something you’ve planned for years, or you’re really into Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or Harry Potter and want a ring to represent your passion. In that case, you’ll want to consider bespoke wedding rings, so here’s a handy guide to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Have a design in mind

Know exactly what you want. Decide on what metal you want, titanium or platinum for hard wearing, rose gold for romance and gold for traditional. Pick your stone or stones, their colour, cut, and clarity bearing in mind the impact that will have on your costs. And make sure the setting flatters your choice of stone.

Don’t forget you want your engagement ring and wedding band to work together, one solid statement piece rather than two at odds with each other. Whatever you design, make sure your rings complement each other.


Finding someone can be a minefield. A quick internet search will bring up tons of jewellers offering this service. If you know someone who had their ring made, then ask who they used. Recommendations from friends are a great place to start.

Wedding fairs are also a good place to find people because they should have examples of their work for you to examine.

Visit the Shop

You wouldn’t buy a house without seeing it or book a venue without visiting it, so you shouldn’t buy an engagement ring without checking out the craftsman’s work. As with your florist, go and talk to the jeweller beforehand, see their previous work, see their interpretation of your designs, be confident you’re happy because it’s an expensive commitment to make if not.

Start Early

This is perhaps the most important thing. It can take a few months to make a ring, particularly if you’ve gone for something intricate or you’re having both your engagement and wedding rings made. This is not really a last-minute decision.

You’ll also need to factor in time for alterations or amendments to be sure the fit is perfect, smoothly sliding into place on your big day. Make sure these are discussed when you commission the ring so you can have them booked in your diary and know when your ring should be finished by.

Follow these simple steps and you should avoid any expensive mistakes or late-night panics, just absolute joy when you finally get your ring.

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