Best Suit Trends for Grooms

Far too often Weddings become so obsessed with Bridal wear and decorative accessories that it can leave the men feeling a little insignificant. Enough with that! It’s just as important that men feel as special as women on their wedding day. But it’s less common for men to pour over bridal magazines and pinning like crazy to Pinterest in preparation for their outfit. We have made it simple for you and picked out the 4 Best Suit Trends for Grooms of 2017 to see you into next year.

Black Tie

You may be surprised but, not only is Black Tie timeless and elegant, it really is trending right now. It guarantees sophistication, plus you guys can invest in a suit that you really are likely to wear again and again. Winner!

Midnight Blue

Let’s be specific here – not navy, not just blue, but midnight blue. The deepest shade on the blue scale. This colour oozes credibility and is incredibly attractive on any stature. We recommend considering a tailored three piece, paired with a paler shade for your tie. Gorgeous.

Light Grey

Perhaps the least likely of the trends to have you guys rushing to order but, especially for Spring and Summer weddings, light grey is actually a brilliant alternative to your blue and black suits. If you have a partner who is keen to break from tradition, this is the way to go. Keep it simple, don’t over-fuss with patterned ties or bright colours to match and make sure you get your suit properly tailored. Investing in a fabric with longevity will make all the difference.


There is no end to the variety on this one and it’s certainly the winning choice for grooms who want to make a statement. But checks needn’t just have that ‘quirky’ appeal. Three pieces, again, are incredibly dapper. You could even just opt for a check jacket and keep the rest of your attire simple. There are millions of choices, so be open minded and try everything.