Blessings at Capesthorne

So far this year, we’ve looked at massive changes taking place at Capesthorne Hall to make it the perfect location for your stress-free wedding and today I’m going to tell you about one more. As well as officiating weddings, we can also offer wedding blessings at Capesthorne. Blessings are not legally binding like church or civil ceremonies are. They’re a spiritual blessing of your union.

Faith is a sensitive subject. For example, couples may both have a belief but different denominations. Or maybe only one half of the couple does, or maybe one half of the couple is getting remarried and their faith won’t allow them to have the remarriage in a church. Sometimes choosing a venue for your ceremony isn’t as simple as going to your local church.

If this applies to you, or maybe you want a civil ceremony for the stunning location like our Lakeside Gazebo, Capesthorne Hall can also offer wedding blessings in our Chapel.

This beautiful venue is at the back of the Hall, leading out to the formal gardens and can seat around seventy guests. There is a lot of freedom to having your blessing with us. The vicar of Siddington Parish is the custodian for the Chapel, this means he has to be in attendance, but he doesn’t have to do your blessing. You can have your own vicar or priest conduct the blessing.

A blessing usually lasts about fifteen minutes and involves your choice, or choices, of hymn or song, a reading, and a prayer. The bride isn’t given away by her father, she walks in with her husband after the marriage. I like that, entering into your blessing together as the couple you are.

You can have flowers in the Chapel and around the archway of the Chapel gate, so you can decorate it as you would any other location. There is even a bell which can be rung after the service, exactly the same as a church wedding.

An interesting thing to remember is that there is no set timescale for when you have to have your blessing. Although most couples have it very close to their wedding you could leave it longer. However, if you wanted your blessing on the same day, taking advantage of having all your loved ones close, you can have your civil ceremony on Capesthorne’s ground, then it’s just a short walk to the Chapel for your blessing and on to your reception.

If this is something you’re interested in, the first things you’ll need to do is talk to the person you want to conduct the blessing and let us know, so we can help organise your perfect day.

Come and see our stunning Chapel at the Wedding Fair this Sunday, 19th May 2019 – Wedstival