Boho Style

Summer is coming, I promise you! And nothing is more on trend than boho style. Here’s some inspiration for you to have the perfect bohemian summer wedding

What is Boho Chic?

Drawing on the free-spirited, unconventional hippie style. It’s relaxed and carefree and focuses on quality time with the people who matter.

Wedding Dress by Immacle


Think vintage. Think lacy. Think summer. These dresses are as free as the women in them. As beautiful at a wedding as a summer picnic. The great thing about these dresses is, glamorous as they are, you can wear them again and relive your day.


Flowers are important for the perfect bohemian wedding. They’re your decoration. Natural. Seasonal. Use wildflowers either with or instead of conventional wedding flowers to create a standout, totally unique bouquet.


Psst, I’ll let you into a secret. At a wedding, things don’t have to match. Mismatched vintage crockery is a great way of expressing your relaxed outlook to your wedding and you’ll have great fun going around antique centres searching for your style.


Who said a cake had to be hidden behind layers of icing? Do away with the formal icing and decoration and use the same wild flowers you’ve used for your bouquet.


The venue should reflect your attitude. Capesthorne Hall is the perfect venue. You can dress the Lakeside Wing to suit your style and, as it opens to the garden and lake, it gives you a large space for relaxing with your guests.

So, there you have it. The basics of a boho chic wedding and the start of an amazing day with the focus on friends, family and fun, and without the stresses that can sometimes come with a wedding.