Bold Backs

If you want a statement dress, then having a bold back is the way to go. There is a huge range of dresses with enchanting and sexy backs giving you extra wow factor as you walk down the aisle. All these dresses are outstanding for their modern, feminine designs.

Invisible Lace

These dresses use see-through lace, so it looks as though your pattern is free climbing up your back. You will need to consider how you will have your hair and whether you want a veil or not because with backs like these, why would you hide them?

This style from Maria Modes is super romantic and gives you the confidence of a full back while still having the light, airy feel you might need in these hot days.

This Ronald Joyce example uses the same material for the sleeves for a magical, princess look that’s soft and stylish.


If invisible lace isn’t for you, then use your back as the decoration. These examples show the design theme of the dress with the back open and centre for everyone to see.

This example from Caroline Castigliano leaves you with a little exposed skin but with detailed flower work across the back and shoulders for an ultra-modern look. And the dress comes with pockets, a design feature I can’t get enough of.


And for the bolder bride, there are backless dresses. You could have a full no-back like this example from Hermione de Paula, or you could have something more like this cowl-backed dress by Charlie Brear.

For more support, this second example by Caroline Castigliano has straps which form part of the dress, giving you a v-line down as far as you dare.

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