Booking Your Sequel Wedding

For couples who had a minimony during 2020, it’s time to start planning your sequel wedding. If you already have everything sorted, then fantastic, but if not, read on for essential planning tips.

Book Now

I know we don’t officially have a date for lifting restrictions on weddings, at least at the time of writing. But with restrictions being lifted on nursing homes and funerals and with the testing of large scale events, it won’t be long before wedding restrictions are lifted too.

If you don’t have a venue, now is the time to find one. The best places, like Capesthorne Hall, with its unique country estate setting, get booked fast.

Most venues are open for tours now, so you can see in person what you’ll be getting. And book as soon as you can because not only are you competing with other couples who had a minimony in 2020. There will also be other couples who chose to postpone their wedding entirely who want to fix a date.


The same principle applies to your guests. We’ve all put so much on hold this past year, and to make sure you have all your loved ones on your big day, you need to invite them before they book their holidays for later in the year. Or before they RSVP to another wedding.

The wording for your invite to the sequel wedding should make it clear that the legal part of the wedding has happened. Phrase your invites so your guests know they are coming to celebrate your marriage, not witness it.

And don’t forget it is the proper etiquette to invite everyone who was at your minimony. If they are important enough that you wanted them at your ceremony, then they deserve to be at your sequel wedding.Outfit

Hopefully, you decided to have a sequel wedding when you opted for a minimony, in which case you should have budgeted for two events. In that case, you should already know whether you are wearing your wedding dress again or want a second look. Or maybe you wore something lowkey for your ceremony so you can go big for the sequel.

Whatever you chose, now is the time to find your outfit. If you’re having a big wedding dress, remember they take a while to make, so the sooner you make a decision, the better. If you already have your dress and want to wear it again for the sequel, then get it in the dry cleaners to ensure it’s as pristine as possible.


Don’t forget your bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen in this. If you didn’t have bridesmaids and groomsmen for your first ceremony but want them for your sequel, then you need to get them organised now.


A pro-tip for having two events for your wedding was to book your suppliers for both events. It saves you the hassle of having to find the perfect supplier again, and they may have offered a discount for repeat business. Now is the time to finalise that second booking with them to make sure you benefit from all your hard planning work earlier.

And the same applies to suppliers as to venues. You are not the only couple looking to engage their business, so to avoid disappointment, get organised now. There would be nothing worse than trying to arrange your cake at the last minute and finding your preferred baker can’t fit you in.


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