Bouquet Post-Wedding

You spent a long time getting the perfect bouquet to complement your colour scheme and dress. But what do you do with the flowers once the wedding is over? Here are a few ideas. . .

Throwing Them

Traditionally, the bride would throw her bouquet for the unmarried women to catch. Whoever caught them was the next to get married. Why not include this little bit of fun into your day?

Gifting Them

Maybe someone special came to your wedding, like an elderly relative or a long-distance friend. Gifting them your flowers is a touching way of showing your gratitude for them being there.


You could have them pressed and framed exactly as they were on the day. You can hang them on a wall in the front room or bedroom. This is something a little different and you can enjoy them every day. If you choose this option, keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve their colour.


Have your flowers dried and turn the petals into potpourri using your favourite scent, maybe the perfume you wore on the day. When not in use, you can store it in a container for preservation and refresh the scent whenever you want.


This one is special. Take one, or more, of your flower heads and preserve it in resin. You can do this yourself if you’re a crafty-type person. If not, and I for one wouldn’t want to risk it, there are companies who can do it for you. The Flower Preservation Workshop offer this service and you will have a unique piece of artwork for your house.

Fake Them

Don’t have real flowers at all? You can get hold of high quality silk flowers and no one would know any different. Except you. And post-wedding you will always be able to enjoy them.


Suppose you don’t want to do any of those things? Not everyone does. You can still enjoy your flowers afterwards by having a replica delivered on your anniversary.

Our recommended florists would be only too willing to help – Recommended Suppliers