Bouquet Styles

We’ve looked a lot at seasonal British flowers this year, but we haven’t talked about bouquet styles. The types of flowers you want will impact the bouquet style you have and vice versa, so it is important to know what you want as soon as possible.

Here are six different types of bouquet to consider.


Simplest first. A posy is the classic style and very popular. Small enough to hold in one hand leaving your other free to hold things like your partner’s hand, champagne glasses, orders of service. You get the picture. One of the reasons for its popularity is it suits most flower types. Whatever you want, it’s bound to look good in a posy.


You would be forgiven for wondering what is the difference between a posy and a nosegay? The answer is the nosegay features greenery. If you’re having a posy, these would be perfect for your bridesmaids so there is a difference between yours and theirs.


Ever wondered what the round balls of flowers are called? Well, now you know. They’re pomanders and I love how multi-functional they are. You could use them either as your bouquet, for your bridesmaids and flower girls, or as decoration for your venue. Little buds work best in this style rather than tall flowers.


Round bouquets are usually made up of a single flower type of a single colour. If you’re having a bold colour scheme, this is the way to go. The blooms are shaped to a dome with a beautiful wrap around the stems, so it’s comfortable for you to hold. Roses, carnations or peonies would all work perfectly in this style.


For a dramatic look, you want a cascade bouquet. As the name suggests, this is a large bouquet with trailing flowers at the front like a waterfall. This is a bold statement, so be certain you want your flowers to steal the limelight when choosing this one!

Hand tied

If you want a freer look for your flowers, then you want a hand tied bouquet. Unlike other styles, which use wire to keep your blooms in their precise placement, these are fastened together with ribbon or twine. They work well with all flowers and foliage, giving you texture and depth, perfect for relaxed bohemian or outdoor weddings.