Bridal Beauty Top Secrets – Part 2

And now it’s time for our second blog from Noemi Keddle at On her previous blog, we looked at how to manage your beauty regime leading up to the big day. Now, we’re looking at what to do the day before your wedding.

The biggest nightmare

The top secret weapon to make any blemish disappear within 48 hours, and significantly reduce in size even within 24 hours, is Profusion Organic Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Rock (Amazon, £6.29 for a pack of 10+ large rocks).

How to use it? Cleanse your skin before going to bed, moisten your rock with lukewarm water and hold it on the blemish for 10 seconds.

Repeat in the morning. Within 2 days breakouts/blemishes/allergy spots will be gone, I promise! The rock will never dissolve (or at least last for a good few years) so you will end up gifting the content of the bag to your besties and earn lots of brownie points.

This is one of my favourite tips/secrets, seriously. It’s a total game changer.

Tiredness/under eye bags

Your MUA’s kit is well equipped with colour correcting creams and concealers so she will be able to disguise any unwanted tones such as dark circles. If you have some puffiness hold a cold spoon to the affected area for a minute or so, it’s a good idea to keep one in your fridge for such emergencies.


If your tattoos are your signature look and you want to display them then go for it. However, if you want to have them covered, do notify your MUA in advance to allow her time to include this extra service in the schedule of your day. There are amazing waterproof, camouflage creams such as Dermacolor that will ensure that your tattoos are covered and are not going to transfer on your dress. She will know how to do it, so don’t panic!

Top Ups

If you feel that your skin is becoming shiny as the day/night goes by instead of borrowing someone’s powder (that will just make your makeup look cakey) just use a ply of tissue to blot your t-zone. This will absorb the excess oils and leave your skin look matte and fresh. Clinique sell blotting sheets, however, a piece of tissue will do the trick, just ask your bridesmaids to keep some in their handbags for you, together with your favourite lipstick/gloss.

PS: do NOT use a lip gloss before your actual ceremony, you don’t want it to transfer on your partner’s face when you kiss.  Keep it for later!

As for makeup top-ups, your MUA should have a pro kit that includes makeup products/brands that will last all day/night regardless of the weather so other top ups are not necessary.

Bonus tips

Let your bridesmaids do the work for you!

Your bridesmaids are there to help you throughout the weeks/months leading up to the wedding. Let them deal with everything on the morning of your wedding, too. Phone calls/texts should be directed to them. At the end of the day your wedding is all about you so just sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Have a good night sleep!

You will have a very long day so make sure that you sleep well. There are fabulous guided sleep meditations on Youtube so just get your headphones on and enjoy them. My favourite ones are by Jason Stephenson. Make sure to set your morning alarm though, and tell your family member to set his/hers too to have a backup plan in case of the Armageddon!

Feel energized!

Instead of eating biscuits and food that will bloat you (e.g. strawberry, biscuits, cakes and fizzy drinks, especially champagne) try to eat healthy snacks such as avocado, salmon and gluten free oatcakes and drink plenty of still water, too. These foods will fill you up with healthy nutrients that will keep you going without making you feel bloated. A special bonus is that they won’t ruin your makeup (unlike a cream cheesy bagel) so they are great last minute snacks, too.

Thank you for reading and have the most amazing wedding day!

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