Bridal Braids

For any bride, hair is an important part of your look. You’ve got to make sure it matches your style, your dress, and your hair length. Bridal braids are very versatile so you’re sure to find a style that’s perfect for you. I’ve compiled the freshest looks for you to consider.

Soft Braid

I love this style. It’s perfect for summer weddings and those of us with long hair. This soft braid has a natural look and keeps your hair off your shoulders, perfect for those dreamy summer weddings. Photo by Renѐe Marie Bridal Hairstylist.Image Source -

Jay Kay Braids

For those of us that love our hair around our shoulders, this style by Jay Kay Braids is a must have. Soft and relaxed, it shows off all the subtle tones in your hair and you can add flowers or gems to your look.Image Source -

Waterfall Braid

This waterfall braid by wb_upstyles is magical and I love it. It’ll keep your hair from your face and incorporate your curls to give you an ultra-glam look on your special day.Image Source -

And look. It even works for short hair!Image Source -

Dutch Braid

I love this style for short hair. The Dutch braid adds extra dimension to your look and is super cute. It’s also really easy to do, so you can do it yourself.Image Source -

Rapunzal Braids

I can’t do a piece on braids without looking at Rapunzel braids. Some of us have incredibly long hair and this style helps to tame and show off your legendary locks. You can also accessorise with flowers or sparkle.Image source -

Mohawk Plait

And for the rebels out there, check out the mohawk plait. This is full of attitude for the bride looking for something that screams individuality.Image Source -

Reverse Braid

Or the reverse bun for something a little different. These are super simple to do and look really professional. It’s also a great style if you’re having a tiara over a veil.Image Source -