Bridal Head Wear Trends

If you’re getting married this year, here are two bridal head wear trends that you need to know about before going straight for a tiara or a veil: bridal headbands and floral crowns.

Floral crowns are perfect for civil ceremonies or bohemian weddings with a more relaxed feel than a formal church wedding.

They bring more colour to your overall look because you can use the same flowers from your bouquet in your crown or just one type of flower for a simple, yet effective look.

I love this crown which uses feathers as well as flowers to give a softer, romantic appearance of a whimsical look.

You can also use other types of foliage like little fern ends or stalks of wheat to match the season of your wedding as well as adding texture and depth to your look.

If you really wanted to, you could even forgo a handheld bouquet for one you wear, and by using silk flowers, you can wear them again at another suitable event. However, they are not your only option.

Bold and glamorous, bridal headbands were very popular at Bridal Fashion Week 2020 and they work for all types of weddings. In a formal wedding, they are like tiaras in appearance and can be partnered with a veil.

They can replace all other head wear for understated elegance.

These gilded headpieces are very versatile, covered in diamantes and pearls, and will work with all dress types whether you want a full princess dress or a more figure-hugging mermaid tail dresses.

They are also multi-functional and form part of your hair style keeping your hair from your face during the day as well as the dance floor. And they can be used again for other formal events you attend. Or just everyday wear, I am a big fan of daily glamour.

These are perfect alternatives to veils and tiaras for the modern bride who wants something a little different for her big day.

We have a wealth of photo opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, at Capesthorne Hall for you to show off your fabulous head wear.