Bridal Headbands

On the wedding fashion runways for 2020/21, bridal headbands have taken the top spot over tiaras and veils. These are bold statements for the modern bride, and there are different styles for personal tastes.

Bridal headbands come in different sizes, with some relatively thin for a subtle look. Bigger ones have more of an impact, adding height and fulfilling a similar role to a tiara.

Suppose you have a minimony with a bigger celebration at a later day or a second look for your evening party. In that case, a band is an ideal accessory to replace a more formal tiara or veil. They relax your overall look while still being glamorous.

They work for all sorts of weddings, from civil ceremonies and bohemian weddings to fairytale, romantic weddings, and ultra-modern. Whatever your wedding, there is a band for you.

The bands are embellished with pearls and beads. Some of them have minimal decoration, while others are encrusted. This gives you options to match your band with the style and formality of your wedding.

Alternatives to a band are wraps tied around the head or fastened around your style if you are having your hair up.

Silk fastenings are essential tools in keeping your locks frizz-free, a vital piece of information if you are prone to flyaway hair. The soft material is as good for keeping our hair wrinkle-free as our faces.

This example uses lots of different strands of beads and diamante twisted at the centre for an effortless modern chic look.

These bands are perfect for any bride as they work with all hairstyles whether you want your hair down, half-up, or fully up, making them multi-functional.

The best part about these bands is they can be worn again for a special occasion or everyday wear. This makes the bands eco-friendly as they are not single-use, and every time you wear them, you will remember your special day.


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