Bridal Shawls

As we head towards autumn, we start thinking about keeping warm. This is true for brides too, and bridal shawls or stoles are the perfect accessory to keep you warm while still making a statement.

However, shawls are great all year round, you just need to adapt the material used. Your choice of fabric will give your look extra embellishment if you choose something like feathers or faux fur. The length of shawl can also soften your silhouette and is versatile. Shawls can work for all wedding types and can take the place of a veil if veils aren’t your sort of thing.

Autumn and Spring

While we’re still likely to get good weather in spring and autumn, it can be a bit chilly. You’ll want a shawl made of warmer material that is still light.


For a romantic winter wedding, you need warmer materials such as faux furs or wool. A shoulder cover could be exactly the thing to keep you warm and stylish.

The snow princess look is perfect for a winter wedding and a faux fur wrap, with its natural colours and textures, is just the thing to complete your look.

There is some cross over between autumn, winter, and spring. If you’re a cold person, like me, then the warmer your shawl the better.


Shawls have a different purpose in summer. They’re more for keeping you protected from the sun so you will want something lightweight.

Shawl length is a personal choice. You can opt for a short shawl which fastens around your neck over something which drapes and needs you to keep it in place.

For something to wear on your honeymoon, this Bride wrap is ideal.

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