Bridal Trousers

Not every bride wants to wear a dress so a jumpsuit or trouser suit is the perfect way to express your individuality. By choosing bridal trousers over a skirt, you are rebelling against convention, being yourself rather than following the norm because you feel you must.

Whether you want something relaxed for a bohemian wedding, simple and clean lines for a no-fuss bride or something elaborate for the bride who loves bling, there is a style for you.

Leg style

There are many different trouser styles that you can have. A skinny fit leg gives you a very definite, bold silhouette and gives you options for stand-out shoes.

A flared leg can simulate a skirt, flowing as you move. These style with loose-fitting, soft material are perfect for the hot summer months when you don’t want material sticking to you. They also give you more movement for dancing later.Tops

Once you’ve decided on the style of trouser leg you want, you can select your blouse. As with all other separates, you can go to a different designer than the trousers. There are benefits to staying with the same designer, the outfit will have been created as a single unit. However, you can go elsewhere to find the perfect look for you.

You can have a jacket and blouse, or just one or the other. A blouse gives you the option for bringing in a bit of colour, whether that is your main wedding colour or a contrast.


An alternative to trousers and top separates is a jumpsuit. This all-in-one gives you clean lines and can be accessorised with a jacket if you don’t want bare shoulders.

The addition of a statement belt gives you extra sparkle as well as providing the illusion of individual trouser and blouse combination.


With a trouser suit, more people are likely to see your footwear, making this another area for you to make a statement. Shoes or boots will both work well with your outfit and give you further opportunity to express yourself.

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