Bridal Two Piece

Choice is everything when searching for the perfect wedding dress. We are all different shapes and sizes, so one definitely does not fit all. But what if you want a specific corset type with a certain skirt design and can’t find a dress that has both?

That’s where bridal separates save the day. They are exactly what you’re thinking, individual corsets that you can match with a skirt of your dreams.

There are different ways that you can make separates work for you. You can conceal the fact that you have two parts to your look.

Or you can celebrate your unique look by baring your midriff or playing around with materials for different textures and the silhouette you want. A fitted lace bodice with a tulle skirt will create one silhouette, romantic and whimsical, while a silk skirt that flows into an A-Line style, or a mermaid skirt, will give you another.

And if you don’t want a skirt, then trousers are an option. This bridal outfit by En Blanc has large flared trousers imitating a skirt. Or you can embrace the trouser look for a modern, chic style.

As you are buying two pieces, like any outfit of this nature, you’re not tied to one designer. There are obvious benefits to getting both skirt and top from the same place, they will have been designed with matching in mind. But you can go elsewhere and find something which creates the outfit of your dreams.

Another positive about using bridal separates is that you can alter your look partway through your day. You can have something grand and formal for the ceremony, then change to something easier to dance in for the party afterwards.

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