Bridesmaid Dresses

With many brides having micro weddings in 2020, bridesmaids may have been passed over entirely or reduced to one because of guest number restrictions. As we start to come out of lockdown and invite more people to our postponed or sequel weddings, we want our bridesmaids to look amazing. Fortunately, bridesmaid trends for 2021 are luscious.


2021 will be a year of romantic weddings, and this comes across in the bridesmaid dresses available. Pale pinks are extremely popular. Pastel coloured dresses of silks and tulles will compliment your romantic wedding dress, continuing your theme.

If pink isn’t your thing, then other pastel colours such as blue works just as well. It is the delicacy of the colour which makes them perfect for romantic weddings.


Nude, or champagne, shades are also popular. They are a traditional colour, accentuating the bride’s white, not overpowering it. By choosing subtle colours for your bridesmaids, you are making your own dress stand out even if you’re in ivory.Floral

What better way to celebrate spring and the new growth the season brings than with floral bridesmaid dresses? You can use similar colours to the flowers in your bouquet or contrasting ones to blend everything together.Greens

Green is another fantastic shade for bridesmaids during all seasons. It is a calming and rejuvenating colour that has a positive impact on people. It ties in with weddings which favour foliage over blossoms.

There are many shades of green, and bold greens are just as effective for bridesmaids as pastels as they provide a strong backdrop for the bride’s white.

Mix ‘n’ Match

I’m a big fan of mix ‘n’ matching bridesmaid dresses, particularly when you have a few of them. You can bring together different shades and dress styles to suit your friends rather than putting them in dresses they feel uncomfortable in. Everyone has a great time when they are comfortable with what they are wearing.


For a bohemium wedding, you want bridesmaids that fit with your theme, not stand out because they are too formal. Mix ‘n’ matched summer dresses with non-traditional wedding colours, blending shades, and styles are perfect for promoting a relaxed atmosphere.


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