Bridesmaid Gifts

Finding the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids can be difficult. On top of arranging your day, you need to find something meaningful to thank the ladies that have helped you. So, to take the stress out of that, I have found some gorgeous sparkly gifts that say everything for you.


These Pandora charms are perfect because they do literally say it for you. There is no risk that your bridesmaid is going to forget which occasion she was given these for.

And whatever else you do, don’t forget yourself. Everyone deserves a little treat!


Bracelets are a firm favourite when it comes to bridesmaid gifts. I have one myself from when I was bridesmaid for one of my best friends.

This one from Bloom Boutique can be personalised so you can have your bridesmaid’s name on it or even the date of your wedding.


You don’t have to be the only one getting a ring on your wedding day. This gorgeous little Thomas Sabo ring is sparkly and cute, perfect for everyday wear or save for special occasions, but whenever they wear it, your bridesmaids will always remember your big day.


For something classical, this Swarovski necklace is ideal. It’s a single stone on a plain chain, it’s elegant and timeless.

Other ideas

Even with this help, it can be difficult choosing jewellery. I couldn’t tell you the ring size of my friends for example so I wouldn’t want to do that. However, there are other sparkly options if you don’t want jewellery. Bags are a wonderful gift. Your bridesmaids can use them on the day and for any event afterwards.