Bridesmaids Dresses

Other than Christmas, winter isn’t very colourful. There’s no better way to bring colour to the season than bold colours for your bridesmaids. There is something warm about rich colours and they will brighten up even the wintriest day.

Black is a brilliant choice for bridesmaids. It contrasts your dress. It’s elegant and classic. It will never go out of fashion, so it isn’t a one-time investment. It can be worn again.

These black bridesmaid dresses by Mori Lee, a bridesmaid dress designer, are perfect winter dresses.

Blue is a versatile colour. You have shades from royal blue to powder blue so picking one to match your scheme will be easy. And remember, just because you want a particular shade doesn’t mean you have to have the exact shade throughout your wedding. You can blend blues to create the perfect theme.

Purple is a rich, sumptuous colour. Ultra-violet was also Pantone’s Colour of the Years 2018, so it’s on trend too. It blends well with gold, making it the perfect colour for the modern bride with a chic wedding.

Red is the colour of Christmas so if this is a theme you want to incorporate in your big day then this is the colour for you. It is a hot passionate colour full of life and vibrancy, ideal for banishing any winter blues.

If you really want to stand out then green is the colour for you, particularly if your floral design is heavy on evergreens and foliage. It’s also a great colour for Christmas themes if you don’t want red.