Bridesmaids Jumpsuits

Options for bridesmaids are very different today than what they were the first time I was a bridesmaid (it was the 80s, that’s all you need to know). Bridesmaids’ dresses have become fashionable outfits that can be worn again. Recently, they have taken a step in another direction, meaning dresses aren’t the only option. For a modern, chic look, you can dress your bridal squad in jumpsuits.

This chiffon jumpsuit has a crisscross, high neck halter and flowing wide legs for a traditional bridesmaid feel but with a twist. It comes in over forty colours, so you will find one to fit your scheme.

This crepe jumpsuit is very feminine, and not only does it come in over thirty colours (this one is dusty rose) but the rest of the range includes dresses which means you can mix and match your bridesmaids outfits to what suits them best.

This jumpsuit is very classical. It has a high neckline and flared legs for an elegant, floaty look, but it also has pockets hidden in the front pleats of the palazzo legs for any essential items you might need during the day.

With long flowing legs and a layered bodice, this is a soft look, gentle and feminine. It also has handy hidden pockets and comes in so many colours you’re spoilt for choice.

With a lace bodice and off the shoulder sleeves, this jumpsuit has a vintage feel about it while also being modern. It’s great for a bohemian wedding.

If you want a second look for your bridesmaids, something different from the day for the evening, then this is perfect. It’s just the outfit to dance the night away. It also works during the day for an ultra-chic wedding.

Another jumpsuit for a second look bridesmaids, this flattering off-the-shoulder suit is playful and just the thing to finish the day off in style. And the best part about all these suits is they can be worn again which means they’re fashionable and good for the environment.

Jumpsuits are great for weddings in any season but, if the weather is cold, they provide a bit more cover. Capesthorne Hall is the perfect Cheshire venue for an amazing wedding, whatever the time of year.