Budgeting for Sequel Weddings

Sequel weddings are growing in popularity due to the restrictions  imposed on marriages during 2020/21. As couples are limited to around 30 guests, they’re opting for an intimate ceremony followed by a much bigger party later when there are no constraints on guest numbers.

I won’t lie, we all know weddings are expensive, so having two will need a big budget. But these parties are the norm for some couples, particularly where cultural weddings are spread over many days or when they have married abroad.  We can bring tips to planning your sequel wedding to make it easier to organise and afford.

Wear your dress again

One of the most significant expenses at your wedding will be your dress. A huge amount of money and time is spent on a dress that is usually only worn once. By choosing to wear the same outfit at both events, you’re saving yourself money and hassle. And besides, this is the perfect dress, why would you not want to wear it again?

But if you want a different look for each event, consider bridal separates or an over skirt instead of one dress. You can change your look by changing the skirt, and it won’t cost as much as a whole second outfit.Silk Flowers

I am a big fan of silk flowers. They obviously last longer than real flowers, meaning you can enjoy them again and again. By having silk flowers for your decoration and bouquet, you can use them at both events.Repeat Business

There will be some suppliers you want for both weddings; photographer, food vendors, hair and makeup artist, to name a few. Always check with your suppliers if they will do you a deal if you hire them for both events. The guarantee of your repeat business may result in a reduction of the overall costs.

Of course, the vendor is within their rights to say no; after all, small and medium businesses have suffered too this last twelve months. However, there is no harm in asking, and no isn’t the worst thing you could hear.Buy in bulk

Make a list of everything you will want at both weddings, such as favours, balloons, table seat names, and buy in bulk where you can. Usually, the more you buy, the less each item costs, so it is better to make one big purchase instead of two smaller ones. Plus, it saves on delivery and is one less thing to worry about.

Control the Bar

If you’re planning on having an open bar, then look to control what drinks are available. No one will grumble at a free bar because the most expensive wines or spirits are not available. You could even serve cocktails instead that can be made in batches beforehand.

These are just a few ideas to consider while planning your sequel wedding to ease the stress and increase your day’s enjoyment.


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